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About Us
Voltafield Technology Corporation (Voltafield) is a global leader specializes in magnetic sensing solutions. Found in January of 2009 in Taiwan, VTC has developed leading edge MR technology and products that enable new generations of magnetic sensors. The world first AMR 3 axis single chip was introduced to offer high performance, high sensitivity, low power, and cost-effective solutions for consumer, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive markets. With innovative technology and dedication to the development of AMR sensors, Voltafield has successfully built a product portfolio of Field sensor and Angle sensor in various applications. eCompass is our first solution widely adopted by smart phone, tablet and AIoT customers. Through constant innovation in both hardware and software, we are committed to provide complete solution and service to meet our customers’ satisfaction.
Company Milestone
2009 VTC founded, 2011 started to work on Magnetic Sensors
2011 AMR devices, Magnetic Field and Angle sensors developed
2012 AMR three axis single chip magnetic sensors introduced
2013 AF7133B(2x2), AF7133C(1.6x1.6) and AF7133E(1.6x1.6) ready
2014 Introduced world 1st digital three axis single chip magnetic sensor AF8133I (1.2x1.2 mm^2)
2016 AF9133 (1.2x0.8 mm^2) introduction
2017 AF6133 (0.8x0.8 mm^2) production
2018 AF6133E and AF6835 (0.8x0.8 mm^2), pilot production with Built-in Self Calibration (BISC) design for cell phone and Drone/Industrial applications. The same time started Industrial grade (AF6837) product development
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