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Key Values
  • VTC has unique AMR last monolithic 3-axis important magnetic sensor patented technologies. AMR will be the future for high performance magnetic sensors for AIoT field.

  • More than 60 U.S., China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe patents granted.

  • Fully self-developed technology, hardware, software applications products. The speed of products scaling development beats or meets the industry's needs.

  • In a variety of composite application products, single chip integration has a strong competitive edge in the future development for AIoT applications.

  • The world-class Foundry Friendly Volume Production Sensor Solutions is offered to the industry to provide a high level of production of sensor product solutions with High quality, fast cycle time/fast time to market, huge volume and lower cost!

  • Trained world-class technical personnel and organizational skills.

  • Long-term plans for market applications, product roadmap.
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