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Consumer Electronics
Mobile communication device (Smart Phone / Tablet)
Based on our small package size, our product can be used in mobile communication device to orient the absolute direction, detect motion status and game console.
Wearable device (Smart watch, Bracelet, etc.)
Wearable device can thereforebe an extension of the user's mind and/or body.Based on our low power technology, our product can be used in wearable device to orient the absolute direction and detect motion status.
A tilt-compensated compass allows for users to have a more accurate compass. Based on our high accuracy algorithm, we provide products in Drone to orient the absolute direction and to assist in adjusting location where GPS signal does not exist.
Motion sensors help to enhance the user interface within Toy applications. Our products enhance inertial sensing performance in entertainment devices for games or equipments (Toy cars, joystick, helicopter for example).
BLDC Motor and Periphery
Brushless DC electric motor issynchronous motorsthat are powered a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply. Our product can be used BLDC and its periphery to detect rotator status or other equipment's status.
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