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  Voltafield Geomagnetic Sensor is developed based on AMR technology. It is high sensitivity, low noise and low power compared to Hall sensor. With its know-how, VTC Geomagnetic Sensor detects azimuth with total precision. In addition, VTC provides the best solution- small and thin package for space-limited products, such as smart phones, wearable devices AIoT.

  We also provide software compensation solutions which allow user to get exact location in a non-horizontal environment using e-Compass. Thus, it could be applied to different measurement purpose besides e-Compass, such as traffic flow detector, GPS, Driverless Car and etc.Complete solution and support are provided for customers in their need of various applications.

  In the future, we will continue developing the advance software and Geomagnetic Sensor with our innovative technology in order to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Line Up
Part Number Axis FSR
(+/- G)
Interface Sensitivity
Supply Voltage
Package Size
AF8133J 3 22~12 I2C 0.036@ FSR = 12 Oe AVDD 1.68~3.6
WLCSP 1.2x1.2x0.5 MP 
AF9133 3 22~12 I2C 0.036@ FSR = 12 Oe 1.68~1.92 WLCSP 1.2x0.8x0.5 MP 
AF6133/E 3 22~12 I2C 0.2@ FSR = 16 Oe 1.68~1.92 WLCSP 0.8x0.8x0.5 MP 

Software for Android
VTC Geomagnetic Sensor has been certificated by Qualcomm and on the SSC\PVL(Preferred Vendor List).
VTC Geomagnetic Sensor has been certificated by MTK and posted on DRL (Driver Ready List). VTC product can be used on MTK latest mono / dual / quad core platform and Android 9.0(and backward compatible) phone systems.
Software porting technical supports are also provided for Spreadtrum, Rockchip, and other mobile platforms.
We also provide geomagnetic sensor and soft gyro algorithm for cost-effective solutions.

Software for MCU
VTC provides software porting support for MCU platform.

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